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Werke für Klarinette Solo

Werke für Klarinette Solo

Laura Ruiz Ferreres presents some of the most important works of the 20th Century for clarinet solo. As differing as the works on this CD at first appear, which, after all span a period from 1940 to 1987, there are certain “threads” which can be spun between some of them, which endow them with loose connections: Berio’s and Stockhausen’s idea of polyphonic listening, Denisov and Donatoni’s extremely contrasting movements within the framework of a two movement work, Messiaen and Donatoni’s renunciation of a classical dramaturgy and perception of time, and Penderecki’s doing just the opposite, demonstrative virtuosity by Berio, Donatoni and Bucchi, lyrical quality by Penderecki and Denisov. 
Label: Dreyer & Gaido | 2009