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Laura Ruiz Ferreres Teaching

Communicate with passion and energy, convey emotions, ideas and feelings, share experiences, doubts and certainties guide with discipline, rigor, maturity, accompanied development, assimilation, the ARTIST the MUSICIAN. These are some of the words that describe the love and dedication to my job, and surrounded by talent with outstretched hand for years of knowledge and experience with all your strength and sensitivity go to achieving goals.



Laura Ruiz Ferreres was appointed Professor of Clarinet at the Musikhochschule in Frankfurt 

The new Chair Professor of Clarinet at the Musikhochschule in Frankfurt am Main was until last season 1. Solo-Clarinetist of the Orchestra of the KomischeOper Berlin (...) The expectations of her work at the Musikhochschule in Frankfurt are of course very high. She feels totally motivated to make her class one of the leading classes in Germany. About the artistic and educational priorities, she adds:

"My main goal is of course the preparation of my students for their professional career with particular attention to a very strong technical development and the achievement of a mature musical personality.

Students have to go through a very wide and diverse training in order to be able to identify the different musical styles, as well as interpret them. The new music should belong to the everyday life of a clarinetist. Not only because the new music is the future of music in general, but also because it constitutes the bulk of our repertoire.

I feel very privileged to have studied the two existing systems (French and German) for clarinet and be able to teach them. I am convinced the coexistence of both systems in our class will be extremely positive. The continuous review and evaluation of the different possibilities of sound will be a big advantage for all students."

(In German magazine Frankfurt in Takt - Issue 10/2)