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La Lira Ampostina

Master class for clarinet in La Lira Ampostina

Master class for clarinet in La Lira Ampostina

12th-15th/9/19 Escuela de Música La Lira Ampostina in Amposta, Tarragona.

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The course includes studying techniques, breathing techniques, effects of the contemporary music such as “slap tongue”, multiphonics, circular breathing, flutter-tongue, knowing both existing clarinet systems (the French or Boehm and the German or Oehler) and practicing the clarinet repertoire including orchestra, concert and chamber music.


The course is also available for steady chamber music ensembles that include the clarinet.


The number of active participants is limited to 14 people in the Active modality and 20 as unregistered students.

The course will be taught in the classrooms at the Escuela de Música Lira Ampostina in Amposta (Tarragona).


The course includes piano accompaniment and also classes regarding technique and orchestra repertoire.