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Chamber Music Course in Trossingen, Germany

20-29/9/19 Bundeskammermusikkurs, Germany

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Master class for clarinet in La Lira Ampostina

12th-15th/9/19 Escuela de Música La Lira Ampostina in Amposta, Tarragona.

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Chamber Music Festival, Birkweiler, Germany

30/08/19-01/09/19 fermate KlassikFestival, Birkweiler, Germany

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DeltaChamber Music Festival’19

02-04/08/19 4th International Chamber Music Festival. Amposta, Tarragona.

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Chamber music concert with Diogenes Quartett

13/07/19 2nd Music Festival in Bernrieder. Hofgut Bernried, Munich.

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